Sally’s Showergebnisse

15.09.2019 - 2. SRA Wendener Land in WendenVorzüglich, 2. Platz, Res. JCAC, Res. Anw. DT.JCh. VDH
15 month young girl, very attractive pale bitch, shown in tip top condition and handled so very well, I loved her feminine head with gentle expression, her clean mascular neck which floxs nicely into perfectly angled shoulders and upperarm, she has a strong level topline and hindquaters are very well muscled with exc. bend og stifle, she moves with drive and mentains her topline, very lovely girl
14.09.2019 - DRC Clubschau 2019 WendenVorzüglich, 4. Platz
auper quality pale coated bitch, feminine head, lovely balance, textbrook front assembly, level topline, perfect tailset, good width of her thighs, moved well when settled, beautiful bitch although she appears very distracted
07.09.2019 - 7. Spezial-Rassehunde-Ausstellung des GRC ErkrathVorzüglich, 1. Platz JCAC, Anw. DT.JCh. VDH
Well presented young lady, nice head with good dark pigmentation, good reach of neck, good shoulder placement, good length of upper arm, lovely depth and spring of rib, nicely coupled, well bent stifle, firm second thigh, level top, correct tail set, moved with drive, Excellent
16.06.2019 Jubiläumsshow des GRC e.V.
Vorzüglich, 3. Platz
twelve months creme bitch, lovely head and expression, dark pigmentation, very good angulation front and rear, just a little tight in elbow, she has good return of upper arm, lovely topline and tail set, in nice coating condition, moved well
01.12.2018 - 9. Adventsausstellung CloppenburgVery promising, 3. Platz
well balanced puppy, pleasing soft expression, well boned front, level topline, just would like a little more weight so she can grow into her frame, her movement was a little loose, she needs more practice and may be a little roadwork to harden her off